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  1. CancerProvides links to info on cancer. Topics covered include breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer pain. Links to info that can help you make a decision on diagnostic or screening tests. Includes info on treatment choices.
  1. Cancer: Controlling Cancer PainDiscusses how cancer pain can almost always be relieved if you work with your doctor to find treatments that are right for you. Covers using a pain diary and getting the most benefit from your medicine. Briefly discusses self-care and complementary medicine options.
  2. Anal Cancer
  3. Pancreatic CancerDescribes pancreatic cancer. Talks about symptoms and what tests are used to diagnose it. Provides treatment details. Lists factors that raise your risk.
  4. Lung CancerDiscusses causes of lung cancer, including smoking and exposure to asbestos or radon. Covers symptoms and how lung cancer is diagnosed. Covers treatment with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Includes info on palliative care.
  5. Oral Cancer
  6. Colorectal Cancer
  7. Prostate Cancer
  8. Immunotherapy for Cancer
  9. Bladder Cancer

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