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  1. Babies and Older Adults Have an Increased Risk of Cold Injury
  2. Babies' Sleep Position and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  3. Baby at Risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS): Care Instructions
  4. Baby Blues
  5. Baby's Daily Needs: What to Expect
  6. Back and Neck Pain
  7. Back Care and Preventing Injuries: Care Instructions
  8. Back Pain
  9. Back Pain: Acute Low Back Pain
  10. Back Pain and Sex: Care Instructions
  11. Back Pain: Care Instructions
  12. Back Pain During Pregnancy
  13. Back Pain, Emergency or Urgent Symptoms: Care Instructions
  14. Back Pain: Exercises for Low Back Pain
  15. Back Pain: Getting Back to Normal
  16. Back Pain: Getting Help
  17. Back Pain: Getting In and Out of Bed (video)
  18. Back Pain: Have a Maintenance Plan (video)
  19. Back Pain: How to Protect Your Back
  20. Back Pain: How to Relieve Low Back Pain
  21. Back Pain: How Your Back Works
  22. Back Pain: Imaging Tests
  23. Back Pain in Children and Teenagers
  24. Back Pain in Children: Care Instructions
  25. Back Pain in Teens: Care Instructions
  26. Back Pain: Keep Low Back Pain From Coming Back
  27. Back Pain: Making a Plan for Flare-Ups
  28. Back Pain Needs Time, Activity, and Medicine (video)
  29. Back Pain: Opioid Pain Relievers
  30. Back Pain: Pain Medicine
  31. Back Pain: Returning to Work
  32. Back Pain: Sciatica
  33. Back Pain: Self-Massage With a Tennis Ball (video)
  34. Back Pain: Should I Have an MRI?
  35. Back Pain: Should I Have Spinal Manipulation?
  36. Back Pain: Strengthening Your Core (video)
  37. Back Pain: Surgery
  38. Back Pain: Treatments
  39. Back Pain: When to Call a Doctor
  40. Back Problems and Injuries
  41. Back Problems: Proper Lifting
  42. Back School for Low Back Pain
  43. Back Spasm: Care Instructions
  44. Back Strain: Care Instructions
  45. Back Strain in Children: Care Instructions
  46. Back Strain in Teens: Care Instructions
  47. Back Stretches: Exercises
  48. Back Stretches: Exercises
  49. Back Surgery for Herniated Disc (video)
  50. Back Surgery for Spinal Stenosis (video)
  51. Back to Work?
  52. Backache During Pregnancy
  53. Backache During Pregnancy: Care Instructions
  54. Bacterial Endocarditis: Care Instructions
  55. Bacterial Infections of the Spine
  56. Bacterial Meningitis: Care Instructions
  57. Bacterial Meningitis in Children: Care Instructions
  58. Bacterial Vaginosis
  59. Bacterial Vaginosis: Care Instructions
  60. Bacterial Vaginosis in Teens: Care Instructions
  61. Bad Breath (Halitosis): Care Instructions
  62. Bad Breath (Halitosis) in Children: Care Instructions
  63. Bad or Changed Breath
  64. Baker's Cyst
  65. Baker's Cyst: Care Instructions
  66. Balanitis: Care Instructions
  67. Balanitis in Children: Care Instructions
  68. Balanitis in Teens: Care Instructions
  69. Baldness Treatment, Deciding About
  70. Balloon Valvotomy for Mitral Valve Stenosis
  71. Balloon Valvuloplasty for Aortic Valve Stenosis
  72. Banking Blood Before Surgery, Deciding About
  73. Barium Enema - Medical Test
  74. Barking Coughs in Children
  75. Barrett's Esophagus
  76. Barrett's Esophagus: Care Instructions
  77. Barrier Methods of Birth Control: Care Instructions
  78. Barriers to Psychological Care
  79. Bartholin Cyst Surgery: Before Your Surgery
  80. Bartholin Cyst Surgery: What to Expect at Home
  81. Bartholin Gland Cyst
  82. Bartholin Gland Cyst: Care Instructions
  83. Bartholin Gland Cyst in Teens: Care Instructions
  84. Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting
  85. Basal Cell Skin Cancer: Should I Have Surgery or Use Medicated Cream?
  86. Basic Dental Care
  87. Basic Metabolic Panel
  88. Basic Metabolic Panel: About This Test
  89. Basic Metabolic Panel: About Your Child's Test
  90. Bathing Your Baby (video)
  1. Beat Your Smoking Triggers (video)
  2. Bed Rest for Preterm Labor
  3. Bed Rest in Pregnancy
  4. Bedbugs
  5. Bedbugs: Care Instructions
  6. Bed-Wetting
  7. Bed-Wetting in Children
  8. Bed-Wetting in Children: Care Instructions
  9. Bed-Wetting in Teens: Care Instructions
  10. Bed-Wetting: Should I Do Something About My Child's Bed-Wetting?
  11. Bed-Wetting: Should My Child See a Doctor?
  12. Before Your Surgery: How to Prepare (video)
  13. Behavior Rating Scales for ADHD
  14. Behavior Therapy for ADHD
  15. Behavioral Methods for Urinary Incontinence
  16. Being Abused: What Puts You at Risk?
  17. Being Active When You Have More Than One Health Problem
  18. Bell's Palsy
  19. Bell's Palsy: Care Instructions
  20. Bell's Palsy in Children: Care Instructions
  21. Belly Pain in Pregnancy: Care Instructions
  22. Belly-Breathing (Diaphragmatic Breathing)
  23. Below-the-Knee Leg Amputation: Before Your Surgery
  24. Below-the-Knee Leg Amputation: What to Expect at Home
  25. Benefits of a Pap Test (video)
  26. Benign Brain Tumor: Care Instructions
  27. Benign Essential Tremor: Care Instructions
  28. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  29. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV): Care Instructions
  30. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
  31. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): Should I have surgery?
  32. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): Should I take medicine?
  33. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Care Instructions
  34. Beta-blockers
  35. Beta-Blockers After a Heart Attack (video)
  36. Beta-Blockers: Care Instructions
  37. Beta-Blockers: Helping Your Heart Relax (video)
  38. Beta-Sitosterol Plant Extract
  39. Better Care at Lower Costs
  40. Better Sleep for Teens
  41. Better Sleep for Teens: Care Instructions
  42. Bev's Story: Coping With Arthritis
  1. Biceps Tendinitis: Exercises
  2. Bicuspid Aortic Valve: Care Instructions
  3. Bifocal Contact Lenses
  4. Big Baby: Problems When Labor Is Induced (video)
  5. Big Baby: Vaginal Tears (video)
  6. Big Baby: What If My Baby's Shoulder Gets Stuck? (video)
  7. Big Baby: What's Happening at the End of Pregnancy? (video)
  8. Bile Duct Cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma) Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  9. Bile Duct Cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma) Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  10. Biliary Colic: Care Instructions
  11. Biliary Stent Placement: Before Your Procedure
  12. Biliary Stent Placement: What to Expect at Home
  13. Biliopancreatic Diversion and Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch
  14. Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch: Before Your Surgery
  15. Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch: What to Expect at Home
  16. Bilirubin - Medical Test
  17. Bilirubin: About This Test
  18. Bilirubin Blood Test: About Your Child's Test
  19. Binge Eating Disorder
  20. Biofeedback
  21. Bioidentical Hormones
  22. Biophysical Profile
  23. Biophysical Profile: About This Test
  24. Biophysical Profile (BPP) - Medical Test
  25. Biopsy of Genital Warts (Human Papillomavirus) - Medical Test
  26. Biotherapy for cancer
  27. Bipolar Disorder
  28. Bipolar Disorder
  29. Bipolar Disorder: Care Instructions
  30. Bipolar Disorder: Helping Someone During a Manic Episode
  31. Bipolar Disorder: Hypomanic Episodes
  32. Bipolar Disorder in Children
  33. Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens
  34. Bipolar Disorder in Children: Care Instructions
  35. Bipolar Disorder in Children: Other Health Problems That May Occur
  36. Bipolar Disorder in Children: School Issues
  37. Bipolar Disorder: Manic Episodes
  38. Bipolar Disorder: Preventing Manic Episodes
  39. Birth Control
  40. Birth Control for Teens
  41. Birth Control Hormones: The Implant
  42. Birth Control Hormones: The Mini-Pill
  43. Birth Control Hormones: The Patch
  44. Birth Control Hormones: The Pill
  45. Birth Control Hormones: The Ring
  46. Birth Control Hormones: The Shot
  47. Birth Control: How to Use a Diaphragm
  48. Birth Control: How to Use the Patch
  49. Birth Control: How to Use the Vaginal Ring
  50. Birth Control: Myths About Sex and Pregnancy
  51. Birth Control Pills: Missed or Skipped Periods
  52. Birth Control: Pros and Cons of Hormonal Methods
  53. Birth Defects Testing
  54. Birthmarks
  55. Birthmarks in Children: Care Instructions
  56. Bites and Stings: Flu-Like Symptoms
  57. Biting
  1. Black Cohosh for Menopause Symptoms
  2. Black Eye: Care Instructions
  3. Black Eye in Children: Care Instructions
  4. Black Lung Disease
  5. Black Widow Spider Bite
  6. Black Widow Spider Bite: Care Instructions
  7. Blackouts Caused by Alcohol or Drugs
  8. Bladder and Other Urothelial Cancers Screening (PDQ®): Screening - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  9. Bladder and Other Urothelial Cancers Screening (PDQ®): Screening - Patient Information [NCI]
  10. Bladder Augmentation: Before Your Surgery
  11. Bladder Augmentation: What to Expect at Home
  12. Bladder Biopsy: About This Test
  13. Bladder Cancer
  14. Bladder Cancer: Care Instructions
  15. Bladder Cancer Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  16. Bladder Cancer Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  17. Bladder Pain Syndrome (Interstitial Cystitis)
  18. Bladder Stress Test and Bonney Test for Urinary Incontinence in Women - Medical Test
  19. Bladder Training: Care Instructions
  20. Bleach Baths for Atopic Dermatitis
  21. Bleeding After Surgery: Care Instructions
  22. Blepharitis
  23. Blepharitis: Care Instructions
  24. Blepharitis in Children: Care Instructions
  25. Blighted Ovum: Care Instructions
  26. Blister Care (video)
  27. Blister Care
  28. Blisters
  29. Blisters on Hand or Foot in Children: Care Instructions
  30. Blocked Eustachian Tubes
  31. Blocked Tear Duct in Children: Care Instructions
  32. Blocked Tear Ducts
  33. Blocked Tear Ducts: Should My Baby Have a Probing Procedure?
  34. Blood Alcohol - Medical Test
  35. Blood Alcohol Test: About This Test
  36. Blood Alcohol Test for Your Teen: About This Test
  37. Blood and Body Fluid Precautions
  38. Blood and Lymph System
  39. Blood Banking Before Surgery, Deciding About
  40. Blood Calcium Test: About This Test
  41. Blood Calcium Test: About Your Child's Test
  42. Blood Chloride Test: About This Test
  43. Blood Chloride Test: About Your Child's Test
  44. Blood Clots in the Leg Veins
  45. Blood Culture - Medical Test
  46. Blood Culture: About This Test
  47. Blood Culture: About Your Child's Test
  48. Blood Draw for Donation or Treatment: Care Instructions
  49. Blood Glucose - Medical Test
  50. Blood Glucose: About This Test
  51. Blood Glucose: About Your Child's Test
  52. Blood in the Urine: Care Instructions
  53. Blood in the Urine in Children: Care Instructions
  54. Blood Patch: Care Instructions
  55. Blood Pressure Numbers: When to Get Help
  56. Blood Pressure Screening
  57. Blood Sugar Testing Times Form
  58. Blood Thinners Other Than Warfarin: Taking Them Safely
  59. Blood Transfusion (video)
  60. Blood Transfusion
  61. Blood Transfusions for Sickle Cell Disease
  62. Blood Transfusions: Should I Bank Blood Before Surgery?
  63. Blood Type Test - Medical Test
  64. Blood Type Test: About This Test
  65. Blood Type Test: About Your Child's Test
  66. Blood Urea Nitrogen - Medical Test
  67. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Test: About This Test
  68. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Test: About Your Child's Test
  1. Bob's Story: Biking for Health
  2. Body Fluids Tests
  3. Body Image After Cancer Treatment
  4. Body Image in Children: Care Instructions
  5. Body Lice
  6. Body Lice: Care Instructions
  7. Body Lice in Children: Care Instructions
  8. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  9. Body Mass Index: Care Instructions
  10. Body Mass Index in Children: Care Instructions
  11. Body Mechanics
  12. Body Piercing Healing Times
  13. Body Piercing Problems
  14. Body Piercing: Safe Jewelry Choices
  15. Body Temperature - Medical Test
  16. Bodywork and Manual Therapy
  17. Boils
  18. Bonding With Your Baby
  19. Bonding With Your Infant
  20. Bonding With Your Infant: Care Instructions
  21. Bonding With Your Newborn
  22. Bone Biopsy - Medical Test
  23. Bone Biopsy: What to Expect at Home
  24. Bone Density - Medical Test
  25. Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy - Medical Test
  26. Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy: Before Your Child's Procedure
  27. Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy: Before Your Procedure
  28. Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy in Children: What to Expect at Home
  29. Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy: What to Expect at Home
  30. Bone Marrow Transplant: Before Your Procedure (video)
  31. Bone Marrow Transplant: Before Your Procedure
  32. Bone Marrow Transplant: Returning Home (video)
  33. Bone Marrow Transplant: What to Expect at Home
  34. Bone Scan - Medical Test
  35. Bone Spur
  36. Bone Spur Repair: Before Your Surgery
  37. Bone Spur Repair: What to Expect at Home
  38. Bones, Joints, and Muscles
  39. Bones of the Arm: Anatomy Sketch
  40. Bones of the Foot: Anatomy Sketch
  41. Bones of the Hand: Anatomy Sketch
  42. Bones of the Leg: Anatomy Sketch
  43. Boosting Your Metabolism
  44. Borderline Personality Disorder
  45. Boric Acid for Vaginal Yeast Infection
  46. Bottle-Feeding
  47. Bottle-Feeding: Care Instructions
  48. Bottle-Feeding: Disadvantages for Babies
  49. Bottle-Feeding: Weaning a Toddler
  50. Bottle-Feeding: When Baby Doesn't Want to Stop
  51. Botulinum (Botox) Injection for Low Back Pain
  52. Botulinum Toxin (Botox)
  53. Botulism
  54. Boutonniere Deformity: Before Your Surgery
  55. Boutonniere Deformity: What to Expect at Home
  56. Bowel Blockage (Intestinal Obstruction): Care Instructions
  57. Bowel Blockage (Intestinal Obstruction) in Children: Care Instructions
  58. Bowel Disease: Caring for Your Ostomy
  59. Bowel Disease: Changing Your Diet
  60. Bowel Movements in Babies
  61. Bowel Obstruction
  62. Bowel Preparation: Before Your Child's Procedure
  63. Bowel Preparation: Before Your Child's Surgery
  64. Bowel Preparation: Before Your Procedure
  65. Bowel Preparation: Before Your Surgery
  66. Bowel Resection
  67. Bowel Resection (video)
  68. Bowel Resection for Colorectal Cancer
  69. Bowel Transit Time - Medical Test
  1. Brace (Orthotic) Treatment for Scoliosis
  2. Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer: What to Expect at Home
  3. Bradycardia: Care Instructions
  4. Bradycardia (Slow Heart Rate)
  5. Brain and Nervous System
  6. Brain Aneurysm
  7. Brain Aneurysm Repair: Before Your Procedure
  8. Brain Aneurysm Repair: What to Expect at Home
  9. Brain Aneurysm Surgery (Clipping): Before Your Surgery
  10. Brain Aneurysm Surgery (Clipping): What to Expect at Home
  11. Brain Angiogram: Before Your Procedure
  12. Brain Angiogram: What to Expect at Home
  13. Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Test - Medical Test
  14. Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Test: About This Test
  15. Brandt-Daroff Exercise for Vertigo
  16. Braxton Hicks Contractions
  17. Braxton Hicks Contractions: Care Instructions
  18. BRCA Gene Test, Should I Have a
  19. Breast Abscess: Care Instructions
  20. Breast Biopsy - Medical Test
  21. Breast Cancer
  22. Breast Cancer (BRCA) Gene Test - Medical Test
  23. Breast Cancer: BRCA Gene Testing
  24. Breast Cancer (BRCA) Gene Testing: Care Instructions
  25. Breast Cancer: Care Instructions
  26. Breast Cancer, Early-Stage: Which Surgery Should I Have?
  27. Breast Cancer: Finding Out You Have Cancer
  28. Breast Cancer: Help for Skin Changes From Radiation (video)
  29. Breast Cancer: How to Prevent Lymphedema
  30. Breast Cancer in Men (Male Breast Cancer)
  31. Breast Cancer: Lymph Node Surgery for Staging Cancer
  32. Breast Cancer, Metastatic or Recurrent
  33. Breast Cancer Prevention (PDQ®): Prevention - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  34. Breast Cancer Prevention (PDQ®): Prevention - Patient Information [NCI]
  35. Breast Cancer Risk: Should I Have a BRCA Gene Test?
  36. Breast Cancer Screening
  37. Breast Cancer Screening and Dense Breasts: What Are My Options?
  38. Breast Cancer Screening (PDQ®): Screening - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  39. Breast Cancer Screening (PDQ®): Screening - Patient Information [NCI]
  40. Breast Cancer Screening: When Should I Start Having Mammograms?
  41. Breast Cancer: Should I Have Breast Reconstruction After a Mastectomy?
  42. Breast Cancer: Should I Have Breast-Conserving Surgery or a Mastectomy?
  43. Breast Cancer: Should I Have Chemotherapy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer?
  44. Breast Cancer: Surgery
  45. Breast Cancer Treatment (Adult) (PDQ®): Treatment - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  46. Breast Cancer Treatment (Adult) (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  47. Breast Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy (PDQ®): Treatment - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  48. Breast Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  49. Breast Cancer Types
  50. Breast Cancer: What Should I Do if I'm at High Risk?
  51. Breast Changes During Pregnancy
  52. Breast Concerns in Boys: Care Instructions
  53. Breast Engorgement
  54. Breast Engorgement: Care Instructions
  55. Breast Enlargement
  56. Breast Enlargement: Before Your Surgery
  57. Breast Enlargement: What to Expect at Home
  58. Breast Implant Surgery for Breast Reconstruction
  59. Breast Lumps
  60. Breast Lumps: Care Instructions
  61. Breast Lumps in Teens: Care Instructions
  62. Breast Lumps (Noncancerous): Care Instructions
  63. Breast Pain: Care Instructions
  64. Breast Pain in Teens: Care Instructions
  65. Breast Pain (Mastalgia)
  66. Breast Problems
  67. Breast Reconstruction: How Others Decided (video)
  68. Breast Reconstruction Surgery after Mastectomy, Deciding about
  69. Breast Reconstruction With a Flap: Before Your Surgery
  70. Breast Reconstruction With a Flap: What to Expect at Home
  71. Breast Reconstruction With an Expander or Implant: What to Expect at Home
  72. Breast Reconstruction With Expander or Implant: Before Your Surgery
  73. Breast Reduction
  74. Breast Reduction: Before Your Surgery
  75. Breast Reduction: What to Expect at Home
  76. Breast Self-Exam: Care Instructions
  77. Breast Self-Examination
  78. Breast Ultrasound - Medical Test
  79. Breast-Conserving Surgery for Breast Cancer
  80. Breastfeeding
  81. Breastfeeding
  82. Breastfeeding a Sick Baby
  83. Breastfeeding After a C-Section
  84. Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery
  85. Breastfeeding and Your Milk Supply
  86. Breastfeeding as Birth Control
  87. Breastfeeding at Work
  88. Breastfeeding: Baby's Poor Weight Gain
  89. Breastfeeding: Care Instructions
  90. Breastfeeding: Choosing a Breast Pump
  91. Breastfeeding During Pregnancy
  92. Breastfeeding: Exercise and Weight Loss
  93. Breastfeeding: Getting Your Baby to Latch (video)
  94. Breastfeeding: How to Use a Breast Pump
  95. Breastfeeding Multiple Infants
  96. Breastfeeding: Planning Ahead
  97. Breastfeeding Positions
  98. Breastfeeding: Should I Breastfeed My Baby?
  99. Breastfeeding: Sore Nipples
  100. Breastfeeding: Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs
  101. Breastfeeding: Using Medicines Safely
  102. Breastfeeding: Waking Your Baby
  103. Breastfeeding: Weaning a Toddler
  104. Breastfeeding: When Baby Doesn't Want to Stop
  105. Breastfeeding When You Have Diabetes
  106. Breastfeeding With Inverted Nipples
  107. Breastfeeding Your Newborn and an Older Child
  108. Breath-Holding Spells
  109. Breath-Holding Spells: Keeping a Record
  110. Breathing Exercises: Using a Manual Incentive Spirometer
  111. Breathing Problems: How to Control Stress
  112. Breathing Problems: How to Deal With Cockroaches
  113. Breathing Problems: How to Deal With Fireworks Smoke
  114. Breathing Problems: How to Deal With Volcano Smog (Vog)
  115. Breathing Problems: How to Use a Metered-Dose Inhaler
  116. Breathing Problems: How Your Lungs Work
  117. Breathing Problems in a Premature Baby
  118. Breathing Problems: Using a Dry Powder Inhaler
  119. Breathing Problems: Using a Dry Powder Inhaler
  120. Breathing Problems: Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler
  121. Breathing Smoke or Fumes
  122. Breathing Techniques for Childbirth
  123. Breathing Techniques for COPD: Care Instructions
  124. Breech Birth: Care Instructions
  125. Breech Position and Breech Birth
  126. Broken Ankle: Care Instructions
  127. Broken Ankle in Children: Care Instructions
  128. Broken Arm: Care Instructions
  129. Broken Arm in Children: Care Instructions
  130. Broken Collarbone: Care Instructions
  131. Broken Collarbone (Clavicle)
  132. Broken Collarbone in Children: Care Instructions
  133. Broken Elbow: Care Instructions
  134. Broken Elbow in Children: Care Instructions
  135. Broken Foot: Care Instructions
  136. Broken Foot in Children: Care Instructions
  137. Broken Hand: Care Instructions
  138. Broken Hand in Children: Care Instructions
  139. Broken Heart Syndrome: Care Instructions
  140. Broken Jaw: Care Instructions
  141. Broken Jaw in Children: Care Instructions
  142. Broken Kneecap: Care Instructions
  143. Broken Kneecap in Children: Care Instructions
  144. Broken Lower Leg: Care Instructions
  145. Broken Lower Leg in Children: Care Instructions
  146. Broken Neck: Care Instructions
  147. Broken Neck in Children: Care Instructions
  148. Broken Nose: Care Instructions
  149. Broken Nose in Children: Care Instructions
  150. Broken Nose (Nasal Fracture)
  151. Broken Pelvis: Care Instructions
  152. Broken Pelvis in Children: Care Instructions
  153. Broken Radial Head of the Elbow: Care Instructions
  154. Broken Rib: Care Instructions
  155. Broken Rib in Children: Care Instructions
  156. Broken Toe
  157. Broken Toe: Care Instructions
  158. Broken Toe in Children: Care Instructions
  159. Broken Tooth: Care Instructions
  160. Broken Tooth in Children: Care Instructions
  161. Broken Tooth or Dental Appliance: First Aid
  162. Broken Wrist: Care Instructions
  163. Broken Wrist in Children: Care Instructions
  164. Bronchiectasis
  165. Bronchiectasis: Care Instructions
  166. Bronchiolitis
  167. Bronchiolitis in Children: Care Instructions
  168. Bronchitis: Care Instructions
  169. Bronchitis: Chronic Bronchitis
  170. Bronchitis in Children: Care Instructions
  171. Bronchitis: Should I Take Antibiotics?
  172. Bronchitis: Treatment for Acute Bronchitis
  173. Bronchodilator, Short-Acting, for Children: Care Instructions
  174. Bronchoscopy (video)
  175. Bronchoscopy - Medical Test
  176. Bronchoscopy: Before Your Child's Procedure
  177. Bronchoscopy: Before Your Procedure
  178. Bronchoscopy in Children: What to Expect at Home
  179. Bronchoscopy: What to Expect at Home
  180. Brown Recluse Spider Bite
  181. Brown Recluse Spider Bite: Care Instructions
  182. Bruised Face: Care Instructions
  183. Bruised Nose: Care Instructions
  184. Bruised Rib: Care Instructions
  185. Bruised Rib in Children: Care Instructions
  186. Bruises and Blood Spots Under the Skin
  187. Bruises: Care Instructions
  188. Bruises in Children: Care Instructions
  189. Bruises in Teens: Care Instructions
  190. Bruising in Newborns: Care Instructions
  191. Brushing and Flossing a Child's Teeth
  192. Brushing and Flossing Your Child's Teeth: Care Instructions
  193. Bruxism and Temporomandibular Disorders