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  1. Fear and Anger in PTSD
  2. Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT): About This Test
  3. Fecal Incontinence: Care Instructions
  4. Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT): About This Test
  5. Feeding Schedule for Babies
  6. Feeding Tube for Children (video)
  7. Feeding Your Baby
  8. Feeding Your Baby in the First Year: Care Instructions
  9. Feeding Your Child Using Division of Responsibility
  10. Feeding Your Infant
  11. Feeding Your Newborn: Care Instructions
  12. Feeding Your Premature Baby
  13. Feeding Your Premature Baby: Care Instructions
  14. Feeding Your Premature Infant
  15. Feeling Depressed
  16. Feeling of an Object in the Eye: Care Instructions
  17. Felon Infection: Care Instructions
  18. Felon Infection in Children: Care Instructions
  19. Female Condoms
  20. Female Genital Problems and Injuries
  21. Female Reproductive Organs, Front View: Anatomy Sketch
  22. Female Reproductive Organs, Side View: Anatomy Sketch
  23. Female Urinary Tract: Anatomy Sketch
  24. Femoral Endarterectomy: Before Your Surgery
  25. Femoral Endarterectomy: What to Expect at Home
  26. Femoral-Tibial Bypass Surgery
  27. Femoral-Tibial Bypass Surgery: Before Your Surgery
  28. Femoral-Tibial Bypass Surgery: What to Expect at Home
  29. Femoropopliteal Bypass: Before Your Surgery
  30. Femoropopliteal Bypass Surgery
  31. Femoropopliteal Bypass: What to Expect at Home
  32. Ferritin Test - Medical Test
  33. Fertility Awareness - Medical Test
  34. Fertility Problems
  35. Fertility Problems: Should I Be Tested?
  36. Fertility Problems: Should I Have a Tubal Procedure or In Vitro Fertilization?
  37. Fetal Blood Sampling (FBS) During Pregnancy - Medical Test
  38. Fetal Echocardiogram: About This Test
  39. Fetal Fibronectin Test - Medical Test
  40. Fetal Heart Monitoring - Medical Test
  41. Fetal Monitoring During Labor
  42. Fetal Ultrasound - Medical Test
  43. Fever
  44. Fever: Care Instructions
  45. Fever: Caring for Your Child
  46. Fever During Pregnancy
  47. Fever: Here's Help (video)
  48. Fever in Children 0 to 3 Months: Care Instructions
  49. Fever in Children 3 Months to 3 Years: Care Instructions
  50. Fever in Children 4 Years and Older: Care Instructions
  51. Fever in Children: Care Instructions
  52. Fever in Teens: Care Instructions
  53. Fever or Chills, Age 11 and Younger
  54. Fever or Chills, Age 12 and Older
  55. Fever Seizure in Children: Care Instructions
  56. Fever Seizures
  57. Fever Temperatures: Accuracy and Comparison
  58. Feverfew for Migraines
  1. Fibrocystic Breast Changes: Care Instructions
  2. Fibrocystic Breasts
  3. Fibroid (Uterine) Embolization, Deciding About
  4. Fibromyalgia
  5. Fibromyalgia
  6. Fibromyalgia: Care Instructions
  7. Fibromyalgia: Managing Fibro Fog
  8. Fifth Disease
  9. Fifth Disease: Care Instructions
  10. Fifth Disease in Children: Care Instructions
  11. Fifth Metatarsal Fracture: Rehab Exercises
  12. Fifth Metatarsal Jones Fracture
  13. Fifth Metatarsal Jones Fracture: Care Instructions
  14. Fifth Metatarsal Jones Fracture in Children: Care Instructions
  15. Filler Injections
  16. Financial Toxicity and Cancer Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  17. Financial Toxicity (Financial Distress) and Cancer Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  18. Find Your Ovulation Day
  19. Finding Good Footwear
  20. Finding Nonfood Ways to Reward Yourself
  21. Finding Purpose
  22. Fine Needle Breast Biopsy: About This Test
  23. Fine-Needle Thyroid Biopsy: Before Your Procedure
  24. Fine-Needle Thyroid Biopsy: What to Expect at Home
  25. Finger Bruises: Care Instructions
  26. Finger Bruises in Children: Care Instructions
  27. Finger Dislocation: Rehab Exercises
  28. Finger: Exercises
  29. Finger Fracture: Care Instructions
  30. Finger Fracture in Children: Care Instructions
  31. Finger Fracture: Rehab Exercises
  32. Finger, Hand, and Wrist Injuries
  33. Finger, Hand, and Wrist Problems, Noninjury
  34. Finger Sprain: Care Instructions
  35. Finger Sprain in Children: Care Instructions
  36. Finger Sprain: Rehab Exercises
  37. Fingernail Infection in Children: Care Instructions
  38. Fingertip Amputation After an Injury: Care Instructions
  39. Fire Ant Stings
  40. First Aid
  41. First Aid for a Fishhook Stuck in an Eye
  42. First Aid for a Spinal Injury
  43. First Aid for Chemical Burns
  44. First Aid for Electrical Burns
  45. First Aid for Low Back Pain
  46. First Aid for Tar or Plastic Burns
  47. First Aid Kit for Travelers
  48. First Appointment
  49. First Menstrual Period: Care Instructions
  50. First-Trimester Exams and Tests
  51. First-Trimester Screening for Birth Defects - Medical Test
  52. Fish Allergy: Care Instructions
  53. Fish Allergy in Children: Care Instructions
  54. Fishhook Injuries
  55. Fistulogram and Sinogram: About This Test
  56. Fitness: Adding More Activity to Your Life
  57. Fitness and Exercise
  58. Fitness: Choosing Activities That Are Right for You
  59. Fitness Clothing and Gear
  60. Fitness: Finding Support to Stay Active
  61. Fitness: Get Inspired to Be More Active
  62. Fitness: Getting and Staying Active
  63. Fitness: Getting Around Barriers to Exercise
  64. Fitness: Increasing Core Stability
  65. Fitness: Increasing Your Core Stability (video)
  66. Fitness Machines
  67. Fitness: Making It a Habit
  68. Fitness: Moving More (video)
  69. Fitness: Staying Active When You Have Young Children
  70. Fitness: Teaching Your Child to Stay Active
  71. Fitness: Using a Pedometer or Step Counter
  72. Fitness: Walking for Wellness
  73. Fitness: What Will Move You? (video)
  74. Fitness: What's Getting in Your Way?
  75. Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome
  76. Five Ingredients for Healthy Eating (video)
  77. Five Tips for Healthy Eating (video)
  1. Focal Epilepsy
  2. Folate Deficiency Anemia
  3. Folate Deficiency Anemia: Care Instructions
  4. Folate Test - Medical Test
  5. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH): About This Test
  6. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Test - Medical Test
  7. Folliculitis
  8. Folliculitis: Care Instructions
  9. Folliculitis in Children: Care Instructions
  10. Following a Low-Fiber Diet
  11. Follow-Up Appointment
  12. Food Allergies
  13. Food Allergy: Care Instructions
  14. Food Allergy in Children: Care Instructions
  15. Food as Fuel: Care Instructions
  16. Food as Fuel in Children: Care Instructions
  17. Food List for Diabetes
  18. Food Poisoning and Safe Food Handling
  19. Food Poisoning: Care Instructions
  20. Food Poisoning: Clostridium Perfringens
  21. Food Poisoning During Pregnancy
  22. Food Poisoning in Children: Care Instructions
  23. Food Poisoning: Toxoplasmosis
  24. Food Poisoning: Vibrio Vulnificus
  25. Food Safety: Cooking
  26. Food Safety: Following the Package Instructions
  27. Food Safety: Preparing
  28. Food Safety: Serving
  29. Food Safety: Storing
  30. Food Safety: Tips for Grocery Shopping
  31. Foods, Dietary Supplements, and Cancer Therapy Interactions (PDQ®): Integrative, alternative, and complementary therapies - Health Professional Information [NCI]
  32. Foods High in Oxalate
  33. Foot Amputation: Before Your Surgery
  34. Foot Amputation: What to Expect at Home
  35. Foot Arthritis: Exercises
  36. Foot Odor
  37. Foot Pain: Care Instructions
  38. Foot Pain in Children: Care Instructions
  39. Foot Problems: Finding the Right Shoes
  40. Foot Sprain: Care Instructions
  41. Foot Sprain in Children: Care Instructions
  42. Foot Sprain (Metatarsophalangeal Joint): Rehab Exercises
  43. Forced Expiratory Volume and Forced Vital Capacity
  44. Forceps-Assisted Delivery: Care Instructions
  45. Foreskin Adhesion in Children: Care Instructions
  46. Form for Carbohydrate Counting
  47. Form for Establishing a Routine
  48. Form for Identifying Reasons to Cut Down On or Stop Alcohol Use