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Your Health Care Agent: How to Choose Someone

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A health care agent is someone you choose in advance to make health care decisions for you if you can't speak for yourself. A health care agent also may be called a health care proxy or a health care surrogate. This person may be called something else in your state.

Who can be a health care agent?

For your health care agent (health care proxy, health care surrogate), you may choose:

Most states allow you to choose only one person at a time to be your health care agent. In most cases, your doctor cannot be your health care agent. In some states, a person who works at the health care facility where you might be treated may not be your agent, unless you are related to the person by blood or by marriage.

If your state allows, choose one or two alternate agents who can fill the role if your primary agent is not available or is not able to do so.

How do you choose someone?

Choose your health care agent (health care proxy, health care surrogate) carefully. You can choose a family member or someone else. Talk to the person before you decide. Make sure the person is comfortable with this responsibility.

It's a good idea to choose someone who:

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