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Tobacco Use in Teens

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Why do teens use tobacco?

Many children and teens use tobacco because their friends do. Teens may use tobacco to try to manage their weight. They may use tobacco to rebel against adults or to try to look more mature, independent, and self-confident to their peers. And teens are more likely to use tobacco if their parents do.

How does tobacco use affect your health?

Smoking increases your risk of:

Using cigars, pipes, or smokeless tobacco can also raise your risk of cancer.

If you smoke, the secondhand smoke you breathe out can affect the health of people you often smoke around. Secondhand smoke contains the same cancer-causing and lung-damaging chemicals that affect those who smoke. Breathing this smoke can cause health problems like cancer, asthma, and respiratory infections. It can make these problems worse too.

Why quit using tobacco if you're a teen?

As a teen, you may have a lot of reasons to quit using tobacco. They might include living a healthier life, looking and smelling better, and avoiding addiction. Quitting tobacco puts you back in control of your life. And it can save you money.

How can you prepare to quit?

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