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What is marijuana?

Marijuana (cannabis) is a drug that's made up of the leaves, flowers, and buds of the cannabis plant. People may use marijuana for medical or recreational reasons. The two most active chemicals in marijuana are THC and CBD. THC can make you feel "high." CBD can help you feel relaxed without the "high."

What are the short-term effects of marijuana use?

People often use marijuana for the way it makes them feel. Or they may use it for medical reasons. Using it may make them:

Marijuana can also cause unwanted side effects, such as:

What are the risks?

Long-term use of marijuana may increase the risk of problems such as:

Synthetic marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is made of dried plant material that is treated with chemicals that produce effects like marijuana's effects. It is sold in the form of incense under many names, such as K2 or Spice. The labels often claim that these products are "safe" or "natural." But in fact, the active chemicals are created in a lab. And they have not been tested for safety.

But young people often try these products because they are easy to buy and they may not be detected by drug tests.

People think that using these drugs will make them feel the same as when they use marijuana. But these drugs can be stronger than marijuana. And the effects are hard to predict. That's because the type and strength of the chemicals used are often unknown. Some people have reported severe symptoms, such as:

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