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Tension Headaches: Finding and Avoiding Triggers

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Most headaches are tension headaches. This kind of headache may cause pain or pressure on both sides of your head. You may feel tightness around your forehead that feels like a "vise grip."

If you get a lot of these kind of headaches, one way to reduce them is to find out what's causing them. Things that can cause headaches are called triggers. To find your triggers, you can:

With this information, you may start to see patterns to what triggers your headaches. Then you can make changes to avoid or manage those triggers.

How do you find and avoid headache triggers?

Using a headache diary

You can find out what may trigger your headaches by keeping a headache diary.

In a headache diary, you write down:

Over time, you may see a pattern to your headaches. For example, maybe you get a headache after you drink wine or eat a certain food.

It may take only a few months before you can find your headache triggers. When you find your triggers, you can take steps to manage or avoid them.

Using your daily routine

Having a routine, where you do the same things every day and at the same times, can help you find things that trigger your headaches. If you change this routine and get a headache, then you may have found a trigger.

Over time, you may see a pattern to your headaches. Keeping a headache diary can help you to see these patterns. When you find your triggers, you can take steps to avoid or manage them.

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