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Quitting Smoking: Getting Support

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You've made a big decision. You're going to quit smoking.

Quitting is hard, and you probably know this. Maybe you've quit before. If so, that's normal. Most people quit many times.

What can you do to make it more likely that you'll kick the habit for good?

One important part of quitting smoking is getting help from those around you. Your family, friends, coworkers, and community groups all can help you.

The following information also applies if you use other tobacco products, such as chew or snuff.

How can your family and friends help you?

Before anybody can help you quit smoking, you have to ask for help. Many people are wary of helping. They may feel that asking how you are doing is the same as nagging you and that this may make it harder for you to quit.

Tell people that you're quitting and that you want their support. Make clear what you expect. Do you want to ask a friend to call you each day, or every couple of days, to see how you are doing? Or would you prefer to ask your friend if you can call when you need support? Be sure to tell people how much help you want.

Getting support

Let people know what to expect when you quit and how they can help.

Avoiding triggers

Smokers usually have triggers, which are things that make you want to smoke. Family and friends can help you avoid them.

Talking to other smokers

Friends who smoke or who have quit smoking can help you.

Other types of support

Many people reach beyond family and friends for support. Here are some ideas:

When you quit, pass it on. Be sure to support other smokers who are trying to quit.

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