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Fitness: Choosing Activities That Are Right for You

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When you're active, life can be better.

Being active helps you look and feel your best and lowers your risk for a heart attack, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers. It gives you the energy to do the things that make you happy.

But it can be hard to get into the habit of daily activity. It's important to find activities that fit your lifestyle and your personality.

To feel your best, you need at least 2½ hours of moderate activity a week. Brisk walking is an example. But any activities that raise your heart rate and make you breathe harder—including daily chores—can be included. It's fine to be active in blocks of 10 minutes or more throughout your day and week.

How do you choose the best activity for you?

Look for activities that you enjoy and that fit your lifestyle. Answering the questions below may help you figure out what activities would be best for you. After you've thought about your answers, read this list of ideas for getting active.

Sometimes people try a sport or activity one time, buy expensive equipment or clothes for that activity, and then never use them again. It's usually a mistake to think that you will keep up with a particular sport or activity just because you've invested money in it. Wait until you know that you really enjoy the activity, and then spend the money. In some cases, you can rent the equipment to find out if you like the sport.

On the other hand, spending a little money can be a wise investment in your health. For example, joining a fitness center or gym can help you succeed at becoming more active. A fitness professional can help you plan a routine and learn proper form and technique.

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Current as of: October 10, 2022

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