Quad Screen

Quad Screen


The quad screen test is a blood test between weeks 15 and 21 of pregnancy. Quad means four, and the test checks the levels of four different substances for possible genetic problems before baby's birth. It tests for:

  • Problems with baby's brain or spinal cord
  • Problems with the baby's abdominal wall development
  • Changes in chromosomes, such as chromosomes 13, 18 or 21, that can cause developmental problems 


The Day of the Test 

This is a screening test only. It helps your health care provider to measure the risk or chance of your baby having a birth defect. A small amount of blood is taken for this test. 


Test Results

The results are sent to your health care provider and your health care provider will share the results with you in several days. Waiting for the result can cause worry. Talk with your partner, family or health care provider about your concerns. 

  • A normal test result means you have a lower chance or risk for problems.
  • An abnormal test means you have a higher chance or risk for problems. Other testing may be done, such as detailed ultrasound of your baby, testing a sample of the fluid surrounding baby called amniocentesis, or other blood tests to check the health of your baby. 


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