Hand and Finger Exercises

Hand and Finger Exercises

These exercises are to improve the strength and flexibility of your hand and fingers. 

Do only the exercises checked by your therapist.

Do these ______ times _____ times a day.

____  Finger Raise

  • Place your palm flat on a table.
  • Raise and lower your fingers one by one.
Hand on lable lifting up one finger

____  Ball Crumple

  • Crumble a piece of paper or cloth into a small ball.
Hand crumpling paper into a ball

____  Pick Up Object

  • Pick up objects with your hand.
  • Start out with larger objects, slowly moving to picking up smaller items.
  • Repeat ____ times for ____ seconds.
Hand picking up eraser with 2 fingers

____  Finger Spread

  • Rest your hand on a table.
  • Spread your fingers wide apart, then bring them back together.
Hand flat spreading open fingers, then finger brought back together

____  Make an “O”

  • Make an “O” by touching your thumb to each fingertip.
  • Repeat ____ times for ____ seconds.
Hand with 2 fingers touching to make an O shape

____  Fingertips to Palm

  • Bring the fingertips in tightly to the top of the palm of your hand. Keep your first knuckles straight. 
  • Open fingers fully. 
  • Repeat ____ times for ____ seconds.
Hand with thumb out and fingers folded over to touch palm

____  Thumb Open and Close

  • Bend your thumb toward the base of your little finger. 
  • Spread the thumb away from the index finger.
  • Repeat ____ times for ____ seconds.
Hand open flat with thumb in palm, then out to the side

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