Cervical Stretches

Cervical Stretches


These exercises can be done while sitting or standing.

Do only the exercises checked by your therapist.

Hold each stretch for _____ seconds. 

Do _____ repetitions of each for _____ sessions a day.

___ Neck flexion

Bend your head forward while keeping your chin tucked.

neck flexion

___ Neck extension

Bend your head backward.

neck extension

___ Neck side pending

Bend your head toward your shoulder, keeping your eyes forward. Keep the shoulders down or neutral during the stretch. Bend to the _______________ side(s).

neck side bend


___ Neck rotation

Turn your head to look over your shoulder. Turn toward _______________ side(s).

neck rotation


___ Upper trapezius

While keeping one shoulder down, bend your head toward your opposite shoulder. Use pressure with your hand if needed. Bend toward _______________ side(s).

upper trapezius stretch


___ Levator scapula

Bend your head down first and then move toward the _______________ side. Give extra pressure with your hand if needed.

Repeat on the other side if directed to do so by your therapist.


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