Using a Jewett Brace

Using a Jewett Brace


Jewett brace

A Jewett brace is used to keep your back in proper position while it is healing. Your doctor will tell you when to wear your brace during the day and how long to wear it.

Always wear a t-shirt under the brace to provide a barrier between your skin and the plastic. It will also absorb perspiration or sweat.

Steps to Put on Your Brace

  1. Move to the side of your bed. Use your arms and legs to move your hips over or have a caregiver pull the sheet under you over to one side.

    Man lyig on bed, moving to side of bed

  2. Roll to the opposite side of the bed almost onto your stomach.
    • Bend both legs by sliding your heels toward your buttocks.
    • Push with your heels and roll onto your side. Do not twist! Roll like a log.

      May laying on bed, rolling over onto side

  3. Your caregiver should position the front half of the brace with you lying on your side. Make sure the upper pad is across your breastbone or sternum and the lower pad is across the front of your lower trunk or pubic bone.

    Many lying on side with second person supping on brace

  4. Next, position the back of the brace around to your back or slide it under the side of your body.

    Man lying down with brace on middle, rolling onto back

  5. Hold the pieces of your brace in place and log roll onto your back.
  6. Attach the front and back pieces of the brace together.
  • Pull the strap from the back piece and latch the plastic piece over the screw to lock it in place.

Woman lying ob back with person latching brace about her middle

  • On the other side, push the lock tab down to lock it in place.

Woman lying down with brace aroubnd middle, shows how to clip it

Woman with brace around her middle with person closing latch

  • Check to see that the brace is aligned before getting up. Adjust if needed.


Getting Out of Bed

1. Log roll onto your side.
2. Drop your legs over the side of the bed and push yourself up to a sitting position.

Shows man on bed gettinginot sitting position with brace on middle

Getting Into Bed

  1. Sit on the side of the bed and lean down on your elbow and forearm.
  2. Lift your legs up onto the bed, staying in the side-lying position.
  3. Log roll from your side onto your back.


Removing the Brace

  1. Log roll onto your side.
  2. Unlock the brace on one side.
  3. Unlatch the screw.
  4. Slide the brace off of your back.
  5. Log roll onto your back and remove the brace.

Things to Remember

Do not expect to be able to move in all directions or sit in all types of chairs. The brace is designed to limit certain motions and positions. If you have redness in certain spots under or around your brace, call your orthotist, the person who made or fit your brace. They can make changes to your brace so it will not rub. Redness over a large area of skin or pink skin is normal.


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