Your Clinic Health Care Team - The James Cancer Hospital (The James)

Your Clinic Health Care Team - The James Cancer Hospital (The James)


James Cancer Hospital

Many people work together to provide your care. Here is a description of the different members of your clinic health care team. The James Cancer Hospital is a teaching hospital. Your health care team may also include members that are in training.

Health Care Team MembersWhat They DoName and Number
Attending PhysicianThis doctor directs your treatment and coordinates your care with other doctors and team members. If you are in the hospital, you may have a different attending physician.



FellowThis doctor is in training to become a specialist.




Resident or Intern


This doctor works closely with your attending physician while they are completing more medical training.




Medical StudentThis student is in medical school and is supervised by a doctor.




Advanced Practice Providers (APP)

Physician Assistant (PA)

Nurse Practitioner (NP)



This special assistant to the doctor has advanced training and may do procedures and prescribe medicine.


This nurse has advanced training and may do procedures and prescribe medicine.




Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)This nurse has advanced training and helps with patient care and nursing practice.




Nurse Manager This nurse manages the nursing staff and the care provided in the clinic.




Primary Nurse or Registered Nurse (RN)This nurse plans and directs your nursing care.




Patient Care Resource Manager (PCRM)A case manager who helps to coordinate your care.




Clinical Research CoordinatorThis person helps coordinate care or monitor research studies.




Enterostomal TherapistA nurse with special training in wound and ostomy care.




Palliative CareStaff that work with your doctor to help manage your pain or other symptoms.




Pastoral CareThis person offers spiritual care, emotional support, prayer and other religious rituals.




Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician


This person prepares medicine for you.


Physical TherapistThese team members help with walking, self-care and speech/ swallowing problems that may result from an injury or illness.




Occupational Therapist




Speech Language Pathologist




Registered DietitianThe dietitian provides education about nutrition and food choices.




Social WorkerThe social worker helps you and your family find resources to meet your needs.




Patient Care Associate (PCA)This person helps the nurse provide care.




Patient Experience CoordinatorThis person helps with non-medical concerns or questions you may have during your visit. 
Scheduler or Access CoordinatorThis person sets up your clinic visit appointments. 
ScribesThis person helps the doctor enter information into your medical record and assists the doctor with other clerical duties as needed. 







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This handout is for informational purposes only. Talk with your doctor or health care team if you have any questions about your care.