Questions About My Medicines (The James)

Questions About My Medicines (The James)

This handout gives you a few questions you may want to ask your doctors or pharmacists about your medicines. You may use this paper to write down your answers. You also can request a medicine list card to keep track of the medicines that you take.

Medicine(s) I have questions about: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  • Who should I call for questions about my medicines?
  • Call __________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________.


  • What are the generic and brand names?


  • Can I use a generic substitute?


  • Why do I need to take this medicine?


  • How will this medicine help me?


  • How long does it take for this medicine to work?


  • What is the dose of my medicine?


  • What time of day should I take this medicine?


  • What if I forget to take a dose?


  • What are the side effects of this medicine?


  • What side effects should I report?


  • How can I decrease the side effects?


  • Do I take this medicine with food?


  • Are there foods I should not eat while taking this medicine?


  • Are there other medicines that I should not take with this medicine?
    • (Names)


  • May I drink alcoholic beverages with it?


  • Are there any restrictions on activities, such as driving, while I take this medicine?


  • How do I store this medicine?


  • How long will I need to take this medicine? When should I stop?


  • Can this prescription be renewed? Are there refills on it?


  • Remember to ask if you need the prescription written in a certain way as for a mail order prescription plan.


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