Gynecologic Cancer - How to Prepare for Your CT Scan (The James)

Gynecologic Cancer - How to Prepare for Your CT Scan

You have been scheduled for a CT scan, also called a CT simulation to help plan your radiation treatment. This scan will be used to locate the area of your body that needs to be treated. 

Your CT scan is scheduled for __________________________________ at __________________________.

How to Prepare for Your CT Scan

To prepare for your CT scan, you will need to:

  • Empty your bladder about 1 hour before your scan. 
  • Start drinking about 1 bottle of water (12 to 16 ounces) 1 hour before your scan. It is important that your bladder is full during your scan, but not so full that you are uncomfortable. 

You will not be able to urinate again until after your CT scan. If you are unable to wait, talk to a member of your health care team.

You do not need to fast before your CT scan. You can eat as you would normally, unless told otherwise. 

If you have any questions, talk with your health care team or call the Radiation Oncology Department at (614) 293-8415.


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