Your Hemostasis and Thrombosis Treatment Center Team (The James)

Your Hemostasis and Thrombosis Treatment Center Team (The James)

There are many people who are a part of your Hemostasis and Thrombosis Treatment Center (HTC) Health Care Team. Each member of the care team is important. They all work together to give you and your family the best care. Here is a description of the different members of the team. Use this list to write down their names and phone numbers.

Health Care Team MemberWhat They Do    Names and Numbers
Medical DirectorDoctor who oversees all activities in the HTC program.        
OSU Benign Hematology PhysiciansDoctors who specialize in hematology, bleeding and clotting disorders.


Nurse Practitioner (NP)Registered Nurse with advanced training who may prescribe treatments and do procedures. 
Registered Nurse (RN)Registered Nurse who assists with care coordination. Nurses carry out doctor’s orders, provide care and teach you how to care for yourself. 
Research Nurse/ Nurse EducatorA nurse who conducts research studies for Benign Hematology. 
Social WorkerHelps you and your family with many concerns. These may include insurance/ financial concerns, psychosocial issues and providing information about community resources. 
Physical TherapistIf you have physical or functional changes, you may see a Physical Therapist who can develop your exercise or activity plan. 


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This handout is for informational purposes only. Talk with your doctor or health care team if you have any questions about your care.

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