What is a Biosimilar Drug? (The James)

What is a Biosimilar Drug? (The James)


A biosimilar drug is a type of therapy used to treat a number of illnesses or side effects caused by an illness. When a patent on the original FDA approved drug expires, a biosimilar drug can be developed. It is copied from the original drug and is just as effective in treating the problem.


The name of the biosimilar drug for your treatment is:




A biosimilar is not a generic drug. However like generic drugs, they are often less expensive. They are slightly different from the original drug, but that does not affect the way they work. A biosimilar drug will have the same side effects caused by the original drug.

Your insurance company may require your healthcare provider to prescribe a biosimilar drug for your treatment. If you have questions about your treatment, ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist.

You may find it helpful to visit www.cancer.gov or www.fda.gov/media/biosimilarbasics for more information on the use of biosimilar drugs.



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