Your Recovery After Surgery (The James)

Your Recovery After Surgery (The James)


Your Care After Leaving the Hospital

You should have help available to you around the clock after surgery. You will not be as strong and may need someone to help you get in and out of bed, prepare meals, take you to appointments, get your medicines, help with your exercises, and care for your incision.

You will not be able to drive while taking prescription pain medicine and until your doctor says that you can return to driving.


Plan for Help After Surgery

Our goal is to have our patients return home from the hospital to recover in the comfort of their own home. However, some patients may require home health services, a short stay in a skilled nursing or rehabilitation center.

If needed, we can provide you with a list of recommended providers for home health services, skilled nursing facilities, or rehabilitation centers close to your home. Our goal is to coordinate your care and reduce the chance of problems. By working together with you, your caregivers, and your community care team, we aim to give you the care you need to recover as quickly as possible.

Coverage for these extra services is different for each insurance plan, please call your doctor’s office and ask to speak to the case manager.



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