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Making It Easier to Wear a Mask During COVID-19

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Wearing a mask can be a little uncomfortable at times. Most people would probably agree that it takes some getting used to. If you have not yet been fullly vaccinated, wearing a mask is a way to keep yourself, your family, and others around you from getting sick. And almost everyone can wear a mask safely.

You may have heard rumors or conflicting advice about masks—that they're not safe or that certain people don't need to wear them. So it's important to know the facts. (If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask.)

The facts about wearing masks

Even healthy people can get very sick or die from COVID-19.
Young and healthy people, and older people who don't have health problems, can get very sick or die from COVID-19. And anyone, even young people and older healthy people, can develop serious lung or heart problems after getting COVID-19. This is true even if your symptoms are mild.
You can have COVID-19 but not have any symptoms.
This means you could spread the virus without knowing it. Wearing a mask helps prevent you from spreading the virus to other people who could get very sick. Everyone over the age of 2 should wear a mask anytime they're around people they don't live with.
Wearing a mask won't cause breathing problems.
Some people are concerned that wearing a mask could cause breathing problems by raising their carbon dioxide (CO2) levels or lowering their oxygen levels. But studies have shown that this isn't true, even for people who have lung or heart problems. Many people, such as health care workers, have always worn masks for hours a day without any breathing problems.
Wearing a mask helps control the pandemic.
For people who are not yet fully vaccinated,wearing a mask, following social-distancing guidelines, and washing your hands a lot can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. And this can help life return to normal.

Tips for making it easier to wear a mask

Do you wish that wearing a mask could be a little easier and more comfortable? Here are some ideas.

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Current as of: February 9, 2022

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