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Managing Job Stress

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Job stress comes in different forms. Small stressors are things like a copy machine that never seems to work or phones that won't quit ringing. Major stress comes from having too much or not enough work or doing work that doesn't satisfy you. Conflicts with your boss, coworkers, or customers are also major stressors.

Here are some common sources of major job stress:

Lack of control.
Feeling as if you have no control over your job duties is one cause of job stress.
More responsibility.
You can feel stress if you have too much work to do and you can't say no to new tasks.
Job satisfaction and performance.
If your job isn't meaningful, it can be stressful. And feeling insecure about job performance can be a major source of stress.
Uncertain work roles.
Being unsure about your duties or how your job might be changing can lead to stress. So can juggling the demands of different managers.
Poor communication.
Being unable to talk about your needs, concerns, and frustrations can create stress.
Lack of support.
It can be stressful to work with little or no support from your boss or coworkers.
Poor working conditions.
Unpleasant or dangerous conditions, such as crowding or ergonomic problems, can cause stress.

How to get started

Any job can have stress, even if you love what you do. A lot may be expected of you, and you want to do your best. And some jobs may be more stressful than others. You might even notice work stress spilling into your personal life.

What kinds of events cause stress for you at work? Focus on one or two things you can do to help reduce stress the most. Here are some ideas.

Setting goals to reduce job stress

You may be able to reduce some job stress by identifying what is causing the stress and then setting specific goals. Here's how.

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