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ADHD: Helping Your Child Get the Most From School

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Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may have difficulty in school, because their symptoms—inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity—get in the way of learning.

Success in school is important for the development of healthy self-esteem and confidence.

You can help your child succeed in school by:

How can you help your child be successful in school?

You can help your child have the greatest chance of success in school by educating yourself, building relationships, maintaining open communication, working with your child, and keeping good records. Preschool or kindergarten is the best time to start using these techniques. But it is never too late to help a child improve his or her school performance.


Learning as much as you can about ADHD and your child's education rights will help you work with the school system more effectively.

Build relationships

A positive relationship with teachers and other school personnel will improve your child's chances of being successful in school.

Keep communication open

Open communication with your child's teacher can help resolve problems that may occur throughout the school year. The following are suggestions for working and communicating with your child's teacher:

Work with your child

Keep good records

Health and school records can help monitor your child's academic and behavioral progress as well as help identify when treatment adjustments are needed. You should keep and update the following records:

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