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Child Safety: Strollers and Shopping Carts

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Taking your child out of the house allows him or her to have new experiences and interactions. You may start using a stroller as soon as your baby is born and continue to do so well into early childhood. You may also want your child to ride in a shopping cart when you go to stores. Only use well-maintained strollers and carts. And take some general precautions to avoid injuring your child:1


Shopping carts

Most injuries from shopping carts involve children younger than 5 years. Fractures, internal injuries, and concussions are the most common injuries. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that the design of shopping carts be changed to help prevent cart tip-overs and falls from carts. Until shopping carts are safer, the AAP strongly recommends not to use them. Other options include using supervised in-store child play areas, taking another adult with you to watch your child while you shop, or using a stroller or wagon instead of a shopping cart.

If you choose to have your child ride in a shopping cart, children should not:2

Carriers designed to sit on top of the cart or built into it do not prevent a child from falling out. Avoid accidents by properly restraining your child at all times in a cart, and do not leave your child unattended, even for a moment.



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