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Quitting Smoking: Dealing With Weight Gain

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Many people worry about gaining weight when they quit smoking. Most people gain some weight at first after they quit, but many lose this weight over time. But keep your focus on quitting. After you are confident of not relapsing, you can deal with losing any weight you may have gained.

If you do start to gain weight, there are steps you can take.

The important thing is to quit smoking. The minute you quit, you'll be starting a much healthier life.

How can you deal with weight gain when you quit smoking?

Be aware

Knowledge is a powerful thing. Now that you know that quitting smoking can make you want to eat more, or eat more often, you can be ready for it.

Have a plan

Keeping control of your weight will be easier if you have a plan. Before your quit day:

Tips for avoiding weight gain

Think positive, and keep temptation away:

Remember, looking good is much more important than how much you weigh. Smelling clean and smoke-free, having fresh breath, having fingers and teeth free of yellow tobacco stains, and feeling healthier all make you more attractive.

Food and cigarettes

A big reason people gain weight is that they reach for food instead of a cigarette after they quit.


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