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Eczema: Taking Care of Your Skin

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Eczema (say "EGG-zuh-muh") is also called atopic dermatitis. It's a skin problem that causes intense itching and a raised rash. Sometimes the rash develops blisters and crusts. It is often scaly. The rash is not contagious. You can't catch it from others.

In lighter skin, the rash may look pink or red. In darker skin, the rash may be hard to see or it may look dark brown, gray, or purple. Or there may be patches of lighter skin.

Eczema often runs in families. People with eczema may also have allergies and asthma.

There is no cure for eczema. But you may be able to control it with care at home.

How do you take care of your skin?

Keep your skin hydrated

Gentle skin care can help improve your skin. Regular use of moisturizers can reduce the itching, keep your rash from getting worse, and help it heal. Also, using enough moisturizer may mean that you'll need less medicine.

Here are some tips for keeping your skin hydrated.

If you still have problems with itch and rash even after you have been using moisturizers, talk to your doctor.

Avoid skin irritants

Avoiding things that irritate your skin will help your skin stay healthy. When you notice that your rash or skin is irritated, see if you can figure out what caused the problem.

Here are some tips for avoiding irritants.

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