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  1. Abdominal X-Ray
  2. Learning About Your Child's X-Ray Test (video)Learn what to expect when your child gets an X-ray.
  3. MammogramDiscusses mammogram, an X-ray test of the breasts used to screen for breast problems. Covers at what ages women should have a mammogram. Discusses how it is done and how to prepare for it. Covers possible results.
  4. Computed Tomography (CT) Scan of the Body
  5. Headaches: Should I Have Imaging Tests to Find Out What's Causing My Headaches?Guides you through the decision to have imaging tests to evaluate your headaches. Looks at the types of imaging tests used, including CT scan and MRI. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  6. Tests for Low Back Pain (video)
  7. Thyroid Scan: Understanding the Test (video)
  8. Learning About Your Child's MRI Test (video)
  9. Low Back Pain: Should I Have an MRI?
  10. Breast Cancer Screening and Dense Breasts: What Are My Options?

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